All it takes is 5 minutes a day:
To raise happy, confident and kind children!

TEACH YOUR CHILD to BELIEVE in themsef through understanding how their own THOUGHTS create their FEELINGS!

“As a classroom teacher the children were always very inspired and the Butterfly Kidz messages and techniques truly helped build the children on all levels: academically, emotionally and socially. I know with absolute certainty that I am a better person, educator and mother thanks to the Butterfly Kidz. We all need to spread the message of the Butterfly Kidz all around the world… “

Corinne Hodes (Educator – USA)

“Children of all ages will be charmed and find they grow into better people”

Rev Desmond Tutu

“I was once a child. I was given no Tools for Life. Butterfly Kidz – Tools for Life is a gift that every child needs… And every child deserves. To grow up in this world without self worth is to struggle. With the magical stories of the Butterfly Kidz every child can learn that life is beautiful.”

Victoria Spencer

A fun, yet educational compilation of tools to instil feelings of self-worth and emotional intelligence in your child.

It has been my dream for the past 20 years to bring my much needed magical messages of the Butterfly Kidz to all the children in the world.

I believe that just as children learn to read and write so too every child needs to be educated in understanding how their own thoughts create their feelings.

This helps every child to believe in them self with the awareness to shape their own experiences positively and to manifest their dreams successfully.